How to Choose the Right Floor Protection in Australia for Residential Moves?

One of the awful risks during a household move is injury to floors and expensive flooring- and flooring damage is one of the most common areas of complaints received from homeowners following a residential move. Protecting floors surface against damage, scratch, denting, scraping or staining is one of the essential priorities when planning for a residential move. Installing a temporary mat for floor protection in Australia is one of the ideal solutions to protect your expensive floor from any mishap during move.

There are plenty floor protection systems available that will significantly help protect against floor damage. Knowing which floor protection is right for each specific type of floor will ensure the longevity of your expensive carpet, wooden floor or marble.

For wooden and tile floors

For such sensitive floors, you need Cover Mate temporary ground protection film that stands for water-resistant, provide enough cushions to resist impact, and can be easily rolled out and cleaned for long term reuse on wooden and tile surfaces. The offered quality mats are liquid-resistant so you don’t need to worry about slipping through the mat on the floor while moving.

For carpet floors

Protecting sleek and stylish carpet require another type of durable protection solution. Carpet shield temporary surface protection is the perfect solution. For carpets especially, there comes self-adhering film perfect for all types of carpet and is made of polyethylene, providing puncture and tear proof protection for your carpet.

When you finally move from the residential home where you used to live, you can simply remove and dispose the temporary protection mats, and will find your expensive wooden, tile or carpet flooring is in the same condition- with no damage and scratch.

Don’t unnecessary risk damage to your expensive floors. By investing into a worthy floor protection mats, you can protect your expensive flooring and keep the floor in good condition even after the move.

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